• Everything looks different! What’s going on?

    We’ve updated the platform in order to provide our users with an improved overall experience. We hope you like it! It’s still the same CATCH content that has been proven effective, just served up in a new and improved online format. Have feedback or suggestions for the new platform? Let us hear it at

  • My email address or password isn’t working when I try to sign in. Help!

    If this is your first time signing in on the new platform (since July 2019), you’ll need to reset your password. If you’re still experiencing trouble, contact our support team at

  • My school or child care site have hard copies of CATCH materials. Can I access the same materials on

    Much of the CATCH programming content that has been offered physically is now available digitally through, with a subscription. To see a full list of our online products, visit the Pricing Page.

  • What are the differences between and hard copy CATCH materials? is the only way to access certain digital program components, like presentation slides, videos, and audio files. In addition, as the science underlying CATCH evolves (e.g. Dietary Guidelines for America), content will change and be reflected first on until the print versions can be revised. The e-cigarette prevention program CATCH My Breath is also exclusive to the platform and not available in print.

  • How do I purchase content on

    To view a catalog of content available on, see our Pricing Page. Once content has been purchased, we will activate the relevant license(s) for your school or child care site, giving all users within those sites (current and future) full access to the associated program materials.

  • Do I need an Access Code?

    You no longer need an Access Code for All premium content is now associated with individual schools, child care sites, or organizations. All you need to do is fill out the Sign Up Form and you’ll automatically get any premium content that has been purchased for your site or organization. It’s that easy!

  • My school or child care site purchased content. How do I access those materials?

    Just fill out the Sign Up Form to access your premium materials. If you’re already signed up, the content should appear in your Dashboard. Still not seeing your premium content? Check your Profile and ensure all of your personal information is accurate. If you are still having trouble, contact us at

  • What are the advantages to as an administrator or site coordinator? allows organization administrators to request reports with summaries of their users’ activity and overall progress. This allows you to easily monitor progress through the program materials by site or individual user, making it easier to know where to focus your support efforts. The reports are provided upon request to verified organization administrators ONLY. Organizations admins may request an organization report via email to We are working on a robust administrator dashboard and hope to launch this functionality in the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Is any content on available for free?

    Yes! There are loads of free content samples available across our many programs, all of which can be found in our Free Content and Samples bundle. Certain tools and resources are also available for free. The CATCH My Breath E-cigarette and JUUL Prevention Program is also available at no cost to schools in the United States. Learn more about CATCH My Breath here.

  • Can I print my lessons?

    Many lessons include printable components, like student worksheets and handouts. These are offered in a printer-friendly PDF format and can be found throughout the various program materials. To print entire lessons, there is a print button available at the top right corner of each lesson. Printing should be for personal use only, and any distribution or sharing of materials copied from is strictly prohibited by our copyright and user agreement.

  • Do I need an internet connection to access my content?

    Yes. is a web platform and you must have an internet connection to access the materials. Many program materials can be downloaded and/or printed so as to be more easily accessed when internet is not available.

  • Is the price per user?

    No. The prices shown on the Pricing Page allow for access to everyone at a single school or site. You must purchase a license for each physical site, but not for each user. Think of a license like you would a resource added to a school library – everyone at the school can access it, but it can’t travel between schools.

  • Is there a limit to the number of users per school/site?

    There is no set limit on the number of users per school/site.

  • I work for one organization but work with multiple sites. Can I just purchase one subscription? subscriptions are sold as site-based licenses, meaning you should purchase a license for each site. Exceptions are granted when the “traveling” subscriber is the sole user of the license, in which case a single login will be issued for that individual's use. is intended to replace the need for physical copies, not provide an infinite number of additional “free” copies. Contact with any licensing questions.

  • If I buy for my district do I have to send a different access code to each of my schools?

    Nope! There are no longer Access Codes for When buying a subscription(s), you will identify the school(s) that will receive access to the purchased content. Just tell your schools to go to, click Sign Up Form, and they’ll be able to see the purchased content associated with their school. It’s that easy!

  • Does any of the hard copy curriculum include additional content not found online?

    The only CATCH materials not included in their entirety on are the Activity Packs. The Activity Packs (CATCH K-8, CATCH Kids Club K-8, and Early Childhood) include a selection of roughly half the total number of activities found in the physical CATCH Activity Boxes.