• CATCH Kids Club (K-5) Activity Pack

    The CATCH.org Kids Club (CKC) Activity Pack for Grades K-5 includes a selection of the most popular age-appropriate games and physical activities from the CKC Activity Box, along with instructional materials and video guides.

  • CATCH Kids Club - Guide for Inclusion of Youth with Disability

    The new CKC Inclusion Guide is an addendum to the CATCH Kids Club afterschool curriculum for grades K to 8. It provides practical tips and resources to maximize opportunities for youth with disability to participate in meaningful inclusive physical activity. The program adaptations were created utilizing the GRAIDs tool (Guidelines, Recommendation, and Adaptations Including Disability) which separates core program components to identify areas where adaptation is needed to make it more inclusive for people with disabilities. The result is a set of evidence-informed recommendations or adaptations that can be added back into the original curriculum for inclusion.

    The guide was developed in partnership with Lakeshore Foundation – National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD), Special Olympics International, and Flaghouse, Inc.

  • SEL Integration in CATCH Kids Club (K-8)

    The purpose of this section is to demonstrate CATCH Kids Club's (CKC) compatibility with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) core competencies. The core competencies identify behaviors, skills and values that schools and teachers are encouraged to teach and reinforce as part of a comprehensive educational approach to social and emotional learning. Among the hundreds of CKC games and activities, we have identified several to specifically highlight how they can be used to address behaviors listed under the various SEL domains. The games and activities included in this section provide reinforcements to explicitly and purposefully teach SEL competencies.

Exclusive to CATCH.org K-5 Kids Club Curriculum

  • Inclusion Guide

    Tips for adapting classroom handouts, recipes, and teaching methods for students with disabilities.

  • SEL Integrations

    Games and activities to teach and reinforce Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies.

CATCH Kids Club (K-5) Physical Activity Pack

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Access a selection of the most popular physical activity cards from the CATCH Kids Club Activity Box, along with instructional materials and video guides. The CKC "Inclusion Guide for Youth with Disability" is also included.

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